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The Hotelier Magazine

The Hotelier Middle East Magazine - August- 2009


South America offers new recruitment market

by Louise Oakley Jul 27, 2009
Piereck moved to Dubai from Sao Paulo and is now part of the pre-opening team for Fairmont Bab Al Bahr.
Piereck moved to Dubai from Sao Paulo and is now part of the pre-opening team for Fairmont Bab Al Bahr.

With traditional recruitment source markets such as India and the Philippines becoming limited, it is more important than ever that hoteliers are not wholly reliant on one particular recruitment source.

This is the view of Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach general manager Peter O’Connor, who revealed that he had been inspired by CatererGlobal research presented at last year’s Arabian Travel market, which highlighted South America as an upcoming source market.

“South Americans are very hospitable by nature; their local cultures lend themselves well to the hospitality industry. Economically it makes sense for both parties, and the South American personality brings a lot of passion and spirit to our organisation. The new Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach will be a vibrant property and I want this translated through my team,” said O’Connor.

“Additionally, Dubai is now targeting South America as a feeder market with tour operators marketing Dubai as a destination and airlines following suit, so this demographic needs to be mirrored in our service,” he said.

O’Connor said he was looking to South America for guest contact roles primarily in guest relations and F&B for the hotel, which is scheduled to open in October.

According to M/Brazil recruitment director Marcelo Toledo, the demand for South American hospitality employees is matched by the eagerness of Brazilian nationals to work in the GCC, specifically in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and the UAE.


M/Brazil launched the first Bahrain Hospitality Job Fair in Brazil last month, with the aim of attracting 600 delegates and filling 400 jobs in the region.

Toledo said: “We hope to explain to the candidates about this new market for South Americans and to get more employers in the UAE interested in hiring the best hospitality staff in the world”.

He said that while it was important to educate candidates about the culture and systems of the UAE, he thought that many would find a better standard of living in the country than they had at home.

“Since January, we have had more than 3000 people looking for jobs in the Middle East,” said Toledo.

He hopes to introduce individuals of the highest calibre to the region, such as Brazilian-born Fairmont Bab Al Bahar assistant manager — food and beverage / sommeliere Cristina Piereck.

Following the sale of her restaurant in Sao Paulo, Piereck moved to Dubai and joined The Address Downtown Burj Dubai, before launching the wine bar at Warehouse at Le Meriden Dubai and most recently being appointed a member of the pre-opening team for Fairmont’s Abu Dhabi property.

She said: “I had a very good image and impression of the hospitality industry here. The best leading hotels of the world are all located in the UAE and I was sure that there wasn’t anywhere else in the world where I could learn more.

"And how glad I became to find out that I was totally right! If you gain experience in the UAE, you are equipped to work all over the world. The UAE is today, in my opinion, a leader and an example for the hospitality business all over the world”.

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